Sample Chapters

Two complete chapters from each of the three volumes of Harnessing Java 7 book are provided absolutely free. Sample chapters are provided as they appear in the printed copy of the book.

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9 Comments on “Sample Chapters”

  1. Anand Gopalakrishnan says:


    Your books are highly recommended for programmers like me to refresh and learn Java. Please let me know when 2nd and 3rd volumes will be available in Kindle. Also noticed Amazon does not have the book versions of 2nd and 3rd volumes. Please advice

  2. Muthu Palanisamy says:

    Hi Kishori –
    I am reading Vol 1, and I like it so far. Very very clear way of explaining concepts to readers. So thank you for that!

    One request – There are no exercises towards the end of the chapters.
    Is there a plan to write an ebook with just exercises, or a Java problem set book sometime in the future?

    Thank you, and please continue the good work!

    • Kishori says:

      Thanks Muthu for taking your time to drop few words of appreciation for the book.

      I have thought several times about adding excercises for all chapters in the book. I am going to add them in a few weeks. I will make excercises and solutions available online on this website.


  3. enem says:

    Hey ! This ia a fab book! realy got me rethinking java, very consice and at the same time detailed. great job. Can we have hard copies Nigeria. Not avalaible on amazon. or can we get full downloadables soft copies online ?

  4. sreekanth says:

    Hi Kishori,

    This is the best book for the Java developers.
    You have covered every topic clearly along examples.
    I am looking a soft copy (PDF format) all chapters covered in Volume 1-3.

    • Kishori says:

      Hello Sreekanth,
      I am sorry; the book is not available in PDF format. It is available in three formats: Paperback, Amazon Kindle, and Google eBook. The Google eBook format contains images of the PDF pages. If you are interested in reading the book on your computer, you can purchase the Amazon Kindle version and read it on your PC using the Kindle for PC Application. Please visit ‎the Purchase page for more details.


  5. sreekanth says:

    Thank you very much for providing the quick response.
    I will purchase Amazon Kindle version.

  6. Amit says:

    Hello Kishori,
    Its a fab book series really got me rethinking java, very consice and at the same time detailed. great job. Really appreciate the efforts taken by you as the Author. But i would like to see a chapter dedicated to JAX-WS which is a part of J2SE 6.

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